CLIENT: Self-Initiated

PROJECT: Stress Away Package and Branding Design

THE BRIEF: A design of Stress Away that is not only legible but creates a more luxurious display for the product. This bottle, while expensive, arrives by mail in quite a large box stuffed with air filled plastic.

THE SOLUTION: This new design is more legible with an illustration that depicts the main ingredients used in order to let the stress roll away and keeps to a green color palette, which has been shown in research to reduce stress. The package design for the bottle combines a pamphlet about once open or the particular essential oil along with the product displayed perhaps on the shelf in a store. With this method, the design is enhanced by making the product a reveal, but also serves to provide information about the product and the company, Young Living, while creating a package that is more elegant and deserving of the product. 

This simple design makes a much more luxurious display and package for the product, inviting the customer and is further carried on into the package design of another Young Living essential oil called Breathe Again.