There are many species facing possible extinction in the world. Here, three have been chosen to create a triptych and all live in some part of Asia. Each of these are done in an experimental mixed media technique with symbolism hidden around in the images as well as facts about the species written in cursive to add more texture to a bright, graffiti style I was aiming for. Works of art that would be interesting both from far away and up close.

On the left is the Bengal Tiger, which is the national animal of both India and Bangladesh. This species lives in an area often with large populations of people, causing the tigers to become used to humans and unfortunately be killed by humans usually incidents involving poaching. It is believed that the total population of Bengal Tigers is about 2,500 individuals.

In the middle is the Asian Elephant, slightly smaller than its relative, the African Elephant. It has played an important role in the life of people in Asia for 4,000 years such as carrying soldiers into battle, hauling logs, and as participantsĀ in religious ceremonies. It is currently believed that the Asian Elephant population is 20,000 – 25,000.

On the right is the Great Panda, the rarest member of the bear family. Their diet consists of almost entirely of bamboo and that is even how they acquire their sourceĀ of water. They have enlarged wrist bones that function as opposable thumbs and it is believed that approximately 1,600 Great Pandas are left.

The populations are approximate and fluctuate from year to year as well as changes in technology to track species.

This piece was created for Lead Bank, located in Kansas City, MO. It stood as 5x8ft banners for a couple of months and was able to be viewed from the newly installed street car.