Client: Kansas City Art Institute

Designers: Alicia Marie Wyatt, Kate Dittmann, Mattie Crabtree, Emily Woodson, and Ethan Tucker


Rebranding and renaming what was the Patron Preview, a show for sponsors to see the campus and purchase student artwork.

This new brand had to be inclusive of both the older and younger audience that the Kansas City Art Institute had as sponsors that are a large part of this event.


The resulting name became Art Pop as it is simple, catchy, and reminiscent of pop up shops.

Bright, contemporary illustrations serve to catch the viewers’ eye and be tailored to the audience, specifically on the Save the Date and invitation. With the invitation, the package design imitates a gallery that pops out from its flat layout, allowing the viewer into the experience and serving as a special invite that one could display on their desk. In addition, due to the eye-catching nature, a vellum envelope was chosen so that the viewer could see part of the invitation, alluring them to open the envelope. The return envelope is packaged with the invitation and serves to also provide a white area for the address that shows through the vellum.

The Art Pop booklet about the departments and entertainment throughout the night has an updated map that is cohesive with the new design and correlate to the color and building shapes throughout the pages that describe each department. In addition, the building shapes are subtly used in the photos as an orange overlay to add color and interest to the diverse and dynamic student photos. The size makes it easy to fit into a purse or suit pocket.

The paper chosen from the vellum to the textured cover paper further enhances the exclusivity of the event, providing an experience with the artwork. With the nature of the invitation being able to stand on its own and as an artwork itself, it creates something that one does not want to throw away.

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