Armas Ale

CLIENT: Spencer Kelly-Salo


To create brand identity for a hard apple cider home-brewed by Spencer Kelly-Salo named after his Grandfather, Armas, and allow the feel for the name and person to shine through in the hand lettered design that focuses primarily on the name.


Rustic yet elegant hand lettered type that contrasts from the burgundy background creating a brightly color and bold design for the name, perfect for a name fitting his grandfather, Armas. In addition, the design elements that have a floral nature – hinting at autumn – contrast the bold lettering of the name and bright coloring of the information, adding some elegance that subtly stands away from the burgundy due to the red color, bringing the design together.

With the six-pack design, the elements were repeated and included even with the gold rim around the bottle cap for added elegance and referencing the hand lettering. Adding that this is a seasonal beer showcases the limited edition quality of this hard apple cider. The design stays bold to keep the same focus on the name as the bottles have.