CLIENT: Self-Initiated

PROJECT: Bee Natural Packaging and Branding Design

THE BRIEF: Beginning with the idea of creating a package and brand design of 100% Natural and Raw honey, branching from honey to include the whole brand of Bee Natural. 

This company became one about environmentalism and bringing awareness to honeybees such as colony collapse disorder, also known as CCD. Honeybees produce the majority of our food, and CCD has both many causes, some that are still unknown, causing the rising deaths of bees. Part of the problem resides in human activity and that is where this company helps people save the bees and bring 
awareness to this problem.

THE SOLUTION: Bee Natural is written in a script to show elegance, yet is often printed on recycled brown paper for an organic contrast. The lettering for the honey comes from the honeycomb design and an elegant structure to fit with the Bee Natural logo. 

This company uses recycled material for all products, some that are there to bring awareness as well as beauty, and others that are naturally produced by honeybees. The price tags used with Bee Natural are made from seed embedded paper.