Finding and Saving the Comanche Peak Prairie Clover

Botanical Illustration

The Botanical Research Institute of Texas, more commonly known as BRIT, needed a botanical illustration for an article in their annual report.

This illustration was not only a nice aesthetic about this rare and native plant known as the Comanche Peak Prairie Clover, or Dalea reverchonii, but served to show what this flower looked like. Due to this plant being endemic to Fort Worth, Texas, the botanical illustration brings this rare plant to life and provided the difficult challenge of illustrating a plant I had never seen before and was rarely photographed. The botanist I worked with on the illustration provided helpful feedback on the textures and structure of this species.

The overall approach to the annual report is a simple, elegant design that would appeal to the supporters and contributors to BRIT. It has a magazine aesthetic instead of the traditional look and feel of an annual report.


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