Endangered Species of Asia Triptych

Art Installation • Illustration

As a pitch for a public installation piece, I wanted something that had a lot of meaning that could be discovered the more one observed the piece. I have a passion for nature and the environment, and ultimately landed on three well-known endangered species all from Asia to create the triptych. This painting was for myself as I experimented with a variety of mediums, for Lead Bank in Kansas City, Missouri, to put up on display where one could see it from the newly installed streetcar, and for the viewers by bringing both beauty and awareness–advocating for these species that cannot speak for themselves.

Depicted from left to right is the Bengal Tiger, the Asian Elephant, and the Great Panda.

Every artist should enjoy the process and this time, I wanted to shake it up with something new to me with unpredictable results that would also fit the tight deadline. I began with a watercolor wash for each to bring them together and slowly added other media such as spray paint, pen, graphite, and both oil and soft pastels. Acrylic became the primary medium and allowed me to work fast and a special college element from the newspaper saying “obituaries” appears in each piece, a reference to the predicament of each species. Adding to the collage nature are handwritten facts about the species for an element of reveal, a textural element, and part of the mix of a realism and abstract style I was exploring and ultimately taking a risk on as I was unsure of the outcome but found the process to be exhilarating, cathartic, and a sense of freedom in letting go.