Snuggle Buddies Packaging


ROLE: Packaging Designer

OBJECTIVE: To create easy-to-gift packaging that shows off the artwork and design of the plush and onesie.

SOLUTION: For these gift sets of a onesie with a matching plush pal, the packaging is made for on-the-go gifting. The onesie is easily seen in the organza bag and folded to show off the artwork. To keep the plush set together at retail, the organza bag is tacked into place on plush hands. Adding a J-Hook allows the product to be displayed hanging or on shelf. The simple and cute sentiments and artwork are easily visible on the outfit of the plush and the photo hang tag. All of this is included for a quick read while aligning to the brand.

As an extension from the popular JammiePals—a matching plush pal and pajamas—the pain point of excessive packaging was addressed. The expensive gift box with wasted space wasn’t needed, and the Snuggle Buddies packaging solution addressed that issue. This saved costs on shipping as well and created more shelf space due to the smaller footprint with a bigger impact.

Here, you can see the packaging that was used for Jammie Pals and the problems that needed to be solved.

• The 4-Color printed box with an insert to place the pajamas up front at the die cut was expensive and created wasted space.

• An added cost was that each SKU had different packaging due to the lifestyle photography on the front with product photography on the back of the gift box.

• The size of each gift box was large compared to the product inside, taking up much more space than necessary during transportation as well as adding weight, increasing costs.

• The die cut and overall design is meant to be fun, but was similar to other packaging in the Baby marketplace. An innovative design solution stood out and aligned with the brand for the goal of gift-ready packaging.

• Consumers and retailers liked the concept of the matching plush and pajamas, but not the price.

Product of DEMDACO