Small Story Heart Pendants Packaging


ROLE: Packaging Designer

OBJECTIVE: To create easy-to-gift, innovative, and fun packaging as a product extension to the previous Story Heart Pendants.  These little coordinating necklaces needed to stand out in the collection.

SOLUTION: To differentiate these from the previous Story Heart Pendants, the silver gift box that was used evolved into this new, updated gift box design. Through the concepting phase, it was decided to make these stand apart from the previous necklaces,  yet still coordinate with the product line. The new packaging structure emphasized the aspect of gifting through a clever gift box structure that serves as a way to display the product while doubling as a special gift boxincluding silver tissue paper insidefor a giftable solution. Images, sentiment, typography, and color palette from the Story Heart Pendants packaging were used to make the collection cohesive with a fresh look.

Story Heart Pendants Packaging (Below): Large, Silver Gift Box with Stock Image and Sentiment on Insert Card.

Product of DEMDACO