Mommy + Me Activity Collection


ROLE: Packaging Designer and Photoshoot Art Director

OBJECTIVE: To design packaging for a collection by artist Jennifer Heynen about together time between parent and child. The formats that were the start of this collection include the scarf, book, and plush with the focus on  the unique concept of the Activity Scarf that keeps baby entertained with a wearable design, allowing the parent to do other necessary tasks and can even be used as a nursing scarf for mom.

SOLUTION: Due to the unique product and emphasis on providing a sensory and bonding experience with baby, the copy includes these sentiments and each format has a photo hang tag with an illustration of the product inside that calls out the different sensory experiences in a fun way. The scarf needed to read as a scarf, and so the playful dieline was inspired by the product design while allowing it to be hung on the the displayer assortment or a retail display. Each format has consistent packaging to bring the collection together and focuses on sensory development through tactile experiences. 

The dieline that was created for the Activity Scarf was modified when the Activity Bib was introduced to keep consistency among the collection. This stood out from other bibs in the market and worked with the existing displayer. Other formats that were added include the bath mitt and blankie

The displayer was designed based on a previous displayer. A slight change to adding four holes to place additional dowel rods when needed allowed for more versatility. The scarves were given more room to hang and dowels could be added for the smaller items in the collection. Both at the introduction of Mommy + Me Activity Time Collection and when new formats where added, the displayer was able to be effectively utilized for assortments.

Product of DEMDACO