Giving Bear Collection: Packaging


ROLE: Packaging Designer

OBJECTIVE: The Giving Bear was a huge success and so we began to slowly expand the line to include products such as the Giving Blanket for our Baby section to Mini Giving Bears with their own unique sentiments.

OVERVIEW: The original Giving Bear had—and continues to have—much success as a single SKU. The product design, message, and the story behind this bear is aimed towards children but has found purpose and meaning for people of all ages.

The messaging behind the Giving Bear is what drove the expansion of the line. The large scale Jumbo Giving Bear makes a statement, while the Giving Baby Blanket kept the message of comfort, safety, and bravery in a functional form with the soft fabric contrasting from the tactile nature of the corduroy corner, both important fabrics used for the previous Giving Bear. With the addition of the Mini Giving Bears, special messages that cover a wide range of moments and events for are meant to be a more tailored gift.

2018 Family Choice Award

In 2018, the Original Giving Bear won the 2018 Family Choice award and the Jumbo size was the next addition, carrying a special message that resonated with many consumers.
Later, the Giving Baby Blanket and the Mini Giving Bears were added to the collection, which continues to grow.

The Mini Giving Bears have messages tailored to different occasions from feeling better to a happy birthday – even Christmas.

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