Endangered Species of Asia Triptych

PROJECT: Illustrated Banners as a Public Art Installation

CLIENT: Lead Bank

ROLE: Illustrator/Artist

OBJECTIVE: To create illustrations to be displayed at Lead Bank, formatted to fit three, large, four by eight feet panels. In addition, this was part of how the Kansas City Institute displayed illustrations from students to show the connection of the school and the city.

OVERVIEW: With no restraints to topic of what could be illustrated, I wanted to embrace that this would be a  public display. It needed a message. It needed a story. It needed to make an impact. 

As a result, my passion for nature and environmentalism fueled my story as I focused on some of the most iconic endangered species in Asia. Through my artwork, I aimed to bring beauty with a strong message and chose to depict the Bengal Tiger, the  Asian Elephant, and the Great Panda.

Since the banners would be large and visible from the Kansas City Streetcar, I wanted them to have interest from afar as well as up close. The three animals stand out distinctly from the page with unifying colors and the symbolism placed throughout the composition. The story is further revealed through design elements, such as the collaged word “obituaries” as well as the interesting facts written about each animal ready and waiting to be revealed by the viewer.

TITLE: Endangered Species of Asia – Triptych

MEDIUM: Mixed-Media of Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel, Pen, Spray Paint, Graphite, and Collage