Endangered Species of Asia Triptych

CLIENT: Lead Bank

OBJECTIVE: To create an illustration with a set of three panels to be displayed at Lead Bank, showcasing art and the connection the bank has with the Kansas City Art Institute.

OVERVIEW: With the ability to choose any topic but keeping in mind that it would be a public display, I focused on some of the most iconic endangered species in Asia to bring both beauty and a strong message behind the artwork: the Bengal Tiger, the  Asian Elephant, and the Great Panda.

Since the banners would be four feet by eight feet each, I wanted to make sure they had interest from afar, where people were able to see my work from the Kansas City Streetcar, as well as up close, where I included the collaged word “obituaries” from some newspapers and collected interesting facts about each animal.

TITLE: Endangered Species of Asia – Triptych

MEDIUM: Mixed-Media of Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel, Pen, Spray Paint, Graphite, and Collage