Dalea Reverchonii Botanical Illustration

CLIENT: J.O. Design for the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT)

OBJECTIVE: To illustrate Comanche Peak Prairie Clover, also known as Dalea Reverchonii, in an article about conservation and how this rare plant was first discovered, and thought to have disappeared only to be rediscovered in the same spot of rock outcrop called the Walnut Formation.

SOLUTION: Never having seen this plant in person, photos provided from BRIT, the few photos available on the internet, and descriptions of the plant from researchers at BRIT who were familiar with the rare plant all helped make this illustration possible. The illustration is mixed media, though mostly watercolor, in order to achieved the unique textures and colors of the plant, the full stalk painted in order to create this page spread, part of the 2016 BRIT Annual Report.

Designed for J.O. Design