Brittany & Bradley

Wedding Invitation Suite

The invitation to anything, especially a wedding, should set the tone and theme of the event. This invitation suite was a custom design, handmade, and tailored to the special event.

Wedding Invitation Autumn Diecut Pocket Handmade

Details are abundant in the autumn wedding invitations inspired by the delicate structure of a leaf skeleton – the framework of the leaf. This was the inspiration behind the custom pocket invitation that my brother and his fiancé were looking for, with the Japanese Maple leaves illustrated to bring elements of the venue, the crisp fall setting, and the subtle hint of my brothers’ Japanese nationality. Burgundy and silver are woven throughout the design from the silver envelopes and sparkly belly bands accented with vellum to the burgundy die cut invitation, hand lettered addresses, and down to the ink used accented with navy blue used throughout the ceremony and decor of the venue.

Wedding Invitation Autumn Diecut Pocket Handmade

Beyond the graphic design, illustrations, and hand lettering, this project strengthened my packaging design skills and creative problem solving in creating the die line to using what I had access to in order to create over 100 handmade invitations, each aspect being brought together for the finished piece.

I was a part of this wedding – both through the invitation process as well as being a bridesmaid.

Wedding photos courtesy of Elite Photo