An Artists’ Christmas

CLIENT: Campfire USA for J.O. Design

ROLE: Graphic Designer

OBJECTIVE: To create an invitation and magazine advertisements regarding the annual art auction gala called An Artists’ Christmas with this years theme being “An Enchanted Evening.”

SOLUTION: After pitching a few options, an elegant color palette of the jewel-toned purple, the earthy green, and a gold was chosen to convey the exclusivity and feel of the event. The type created for “Save the Date” and “An Artists’ Christmas” are reminiscent of old books to hint at a classic story with floral elements integrated with the flourishes for a luxurious touch. The invitation itself begins with a cover of plants encircling the title of the event, waiting to reveal the details inside. The program further integrates the story aspect of the design to those who attended the gala.



Designed at J.O. Design